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Personal Income Tax Return

Personal Income Tax Return

Who must complete and submit a personal income tax return?

All taxpayers that earns any form of remuneration more than R250 000 per year from a single employer, must complete and submit a personal income tax return. If the individuals also has any other non-remuneration income, he or she must submit a return on an annual basis.

Who is not required to submit a return?

A taxpayer still has to register for income tax but he or she is not liable to to submit a return for the year of assessment if the gross income consists sole of the gross income described below:

Rumuneration income that:

  • Is for the full year of assessment.
  • Paid or payable from one source.
  • Does not exceed R250 000 per annum.
  • It does not include any allowances or advance paid.
  • Employee’s tax has been deducted or withheld according to the deduction tables.

Interest income from a source in the country not exceeding:

  • R23 800 for an individual below the age of 65.
  • R34 500 for an individual ages 65 or more.


  • The individual was not a resident for the year of assessment.

How do you obtain a personal income tax return?

The individual may obtain a return through the following channels:

  1. The quickest and easiest way is to register as an eFiler. Request your return and then customize it by completing the questions on the first page.
  2. You can contact the SARS Contact Centre on 080 000 7277
  3. Visit your nearest SARS branch.