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eFiling Tax Return FAQ

eFiling Tax Return FAQ

What are the benefits of eFiling?

An eFiling Tax return can be done simply on-line. It is actually very convenient for small and large businesses alike.

Can you use eFiling for all Income Tax/VAT returns?

Yes all of your income tax and VAT returns may be done with eFiling. The due date for VAT returns for both filing and payment is the last business day of the month if the return is filed via eFiling. The payment is made either via eFiling or EFT on or before that day.

How do I register for eFiling?

  1. Go to the eFiling home page.
  2. Click on the Register button.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Make sure that you have your tax registration numbers, company registration number and your identity number on hand.

Once you have completed the registration process it takes between 24 and 48 hours before your returns are issued electronically to the eFiling service.

What is the cost for the SARS eFiling Service?

The SARS eFiling is a completely free service. Please note that your bank will still charge you their normal fee for transactions if you make use of their payment options to settle your tax liabilities.

Do I need to sign an electronic return?

No. eFiling submissions are embedded with an electronic signature. A submitted return on eFiling is legally equivalent to a signed physical return. You do not need to have a signature on an electronic return submitted via eFiling.

Can I only submit my current returns or my outstanding returns as well?

All of your outstanding and current returns can be submitted via eFiling.

Can I access historical data about my returns and payments?

Yes. SARS eFiling keeps a minimum of five years history.  This history includes the tax returns and payments.  The history only applies to any returns and payments made with eFiling.  If you’re a new user, your previous history will not reflect on the system.

Can I recall a return if I have submitted it with an error ?

Yes. A return can be recalled on the same day if you look at the “returns history” section. If a payment took place, the return cannot be reversed. This is due to transaction processes with the bank. You can submit a Request for Correction in respect of individual income tax returns if you made a mistake.

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